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ABWA Maths Championship Infinity 24 in its 10th edition saw participants from 10 countries

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The 10th edition of the inter-School Mathematics Competition, ‘Ultimate Math Championship’ by Aditya Birla World Academy (ABWA) in association with BITS Pilani held on Jan 11-13 over three days at NSCI, Worli, Mumbai, witnessed The International School Bangalore and Aditya Birla World Academy being named the winners of the ‘Infinity Champions of the Year’ category for Seniors and Advanced competition.

The title of ‘Mathematician of the Year 2024’ has been conferred upon Arjun Narasimhan from The Sri Ram School, Moulsari, Gurgaon; Mohammed Jumael Uddin, DPS STS Dhaka and Suhaan Mobhani of Aditya Birla World Academy students from Advanced Category.  Sruti Das, The Future Foundation School, Kolkata; Taksh Gagan Kothari, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, and Shresht Siddharth Bhat of Pathways School Noida from the Senior Category were also winners from the event.

Infinity 2024 was open to students from Grades 9 to 12 from schools affiliated with any education board. The contest aided students in honing analytical and critical-thinking skills, valuable not only in mathematics and academics but also in various other fields. The finals of Infinity 2024 – The Ultimate Math Championship showcased unique competitions such as the World Mathematics Team Championship, the American Region Math League, and the Invitational Young Mathematicians Convention.

The competition featured various rounds, including the Individual Round, Team Round, Pass back Round, Bulb Your Ideas, Mathematics Treasure Hunt, and Quiz. Each round was meticulously crafted by the Mathematics team at Aditya Birla World Academy in collaboration with professors from BITS Pilani. The competition was guided by renowned mathematicians, Dr. James Tanton and Dr. Mark Saul, ensuring the highest standards in problem-solving and mathematical exploration.

Thrilled with the experience  Prodipta Hore, Coordinator- International Initiatives, Aditya Birla World Academy in his comments said, We are delighted to mark the milestone of the 10th edition of Infinity by Aditya Birla World Academy, a celebration that has evolved into a guiding light for enthusiastic young minds captivated by the realm of mathematics. This competition provides an engaging platform for aspiring intellects to immerse themselves in the subject. We are so thrilled to witness students enjoy learning Mathematics like never before. The growing participation from inception to now has been more than 540 teams from 10 different countries taking part in the championship, which stands as a true testament to the competition’s profound impact and its role in nurturing mathematical talent. It has garnered attention not only from schools across India but also from diverse corners of the world. Wishing all the teachers and students all the very best to be winners to bring glory to their origins from different parts of the country. We were thrilled to have Dr.Ramgopal Rao, Vice Chancellor, BITS, Dubai; Dr.Srinivasan Madapusi, Director, BITS, Dubai Campus and Dr. Inder Kumar Rana Emeritus Professor among us.”

Chief Guest and Judge of the event Dr. James Tanton (PhD. Mathematics, Princeton University) said, “Embracing the beauty of mathematics, for its logical use in life, lies at the heart of this phenomenal event. Mathematics empowers young minds to discover the unique patterns that shape the very fabric of our universe. Like a symphony of reasoning, Aditya Birla World Academy’s Infinity 2024 encourages students to learn and experience the joy of mathematics. It endeavours to unlock the boundless possibilities within mathematics careers – for every equation holds not just a solution, but a gateway to innovation, problem-solving, and shaping a world where numerical fluency becomes a pathway to unparalleled opportunities. Infinity 2024 inspires young minds to explore mathematics from an early age, spurring a lifelong journey of curiosity and problem-solving”.

Echoing his thoughts Prof. Mark Saul said, “The realm of mathematics, illuminates the path to a fulfilling career with the wisdom that mathematical pursuits are not just professions, but voyages of endless discovery. I believe that fostering a love for mathematics in the hearts of our youth is not just an academic pursuit but a celebration of the boundless wonders awaiting those who dare to engage with the language of the cosmos. We are thrilled to witness such a remarkable event at Aditya Birla World Academy, which marks a conjunction of mathematics with students in the most unique ways possible. Let the allure of mathematics guide your career journey, and witness the magic that unfolds when passion meets the precision of numbers.”

In the concluding ceremony, Radhika Sinha, Principal, of Aditya Birla World Academy, extended congratulations to the winners and participants at the grand finale. Trophies were presented to all winners.

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