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CURRICULUM, a magazine published from DEHRADUN, is a news and views magazine, which commenced publication from December 2010 in India. It is conceived to be a fortnightly magazine with national coverage targeted at various communities involved in a rapidly expanding education sector in India. As of now, it is being published monthly on every 16th of the Month and will continue to be so for some more time. The magazine as a truly aspiring media leader in the education domain has a 360 degree approach and covers all sub-sectors from school education to higher and professional education to policy issues, etc. By not making it sub-segment or sub-system specific, its appeal cuts across for all people connected with education sector. As a library subscription and otherwise, Curriculum Magazine is targeted at senior secondary students and up, teachers, school managements’ & principals, higher & professional institutions, educationists, policy makers and other stakeholders and community of service providers.

We believe in synergy and networking. We are more than publishing; it is about becoming the platform for Indian education story. We have already people from academia, experts, professionals and service providers who are joining their energies to help provide perspectives, information and voice to emerging education agenda in India…

Interesting, absorbing, exciting and contemporary content in current affairs format along with flexibility for carrying authored articles from experts, service providers and budding enterprises lends it more appeal. We cover News and breaking news, Special features, conference reports, columns, interviews,  fest coverage, useful information, company, institutional and people profiles, views and analysis, career advice etc. We also carry spotlights, podcasts and essays on diverse subjects such as   environment, sports, health, music & arts, science education and others.

 Theme-based special issues are a trend set by this magazine in education media, which will be consolidated in the course of future journey. The Curriculum team is working with an objective of deep and widespread penetration across Indian geographic territory in print with 360 degree coverage of all sub-sectors, linked service providers and stake holders in current affairs format. In near future, Curriculum Magazine, with its national outlook and coverage, is poised to become the market leader in education media space.  Come on board!



Through our associates, we are also providing a range of services like media relations, event hosting, corporate communication, faculty recruitment, student admission, teacher development workshops, adventure sports etc, We can offer services content editing and design for newsletters, press kits, special occasion communications, non-technical reports etc

Our own company Sheen Communications, empanelled in the past as a producer with Govt of India through DAVP of the Information & Broadcasting Ministry provides complete package for making excellent institutional profile films and other videos

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