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BML Munjal University’s 7th Convocation: Kumar Mangalam Birla conferred Honorary Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa)

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BML Munjal University celebrated its 7th Convocation on Sep 2, for the class of 2022. The 318 students successfully graduated post-completion of their Academic programmes in the field of B Tech, B. Com (Hons), BBA & MBA and PHD programmes with this ceremony.  The in-person graduation ceremony was distinct as it was the first, post the COVID-19 outbreak, and was held in the heart of the sprawling University campus. The celebration was live streamed on all social media handles of the university.

 The 7th of Cohort of students received their certificates from the Guest of Honour, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman – Aditya Birla Group, in the presence of the Chancellor, Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Manoj K Arora, the Pro-Chancellor, Mr Akshay Munjal along with the faculty, friends and proud families of the graduating students.

The Chancellor, Mr Sunil Kant Munjal and the Vice Chancellor Mr Manoj K Arora conferred Honorary Doctorate Degree (Honoris Causa) to the Chief Guest, Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla for his distinguished services, and his outstanding contribution to society.

The event also celebrated two students – Shivang Ahuja and Batchu Rutthwik being awarded the prestigious Dr Brijmohan Lall Munjal Award.  The award is an embodiment of the ethos and values of the Founder and the Institute. established by him. The ceremony also witnessed 7 meritorious students across the streams of Business Administration and Engineering being felicitated with the Academic Excellence Medal.

Addressing the young minds, the chief guest Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman – Aditya Birla Group, said “I truly believe that the richness of human contact can never be replicated. The energy and vibrancy of a graduating batch is always unparalleled. From my vantage point here, I see so many young faces, bursting with energy bursting with excitement.  It is a privilege to be speaking at an institution that is dedicated to the values and principles of distinguished BML Munjal Ji. I can sense his entrepreneurial spirit animating your institution even today.”

He further added, “As you embark on a new journey, remember that there will be various markers and metrics by which you will get measured— where you work, how fast you grow, what you earn, what you build, and what you lose. And then there are many things that go beyond measure. Don’t let all your choices be defined by things that can be measured. While there are many invaluable and intangible things that you can’t measure, I would like to focus on 5 — Goodwill, Trust, Creativity, Inquisitiveness and Courage. You are all leaders of tomorrow and your success and fulfilment will come when you know that there is more to life than the standard markers. I would exhort you to ask yourself if you are ready for more. Are you prepared to unshackle yourself from the conventional metrics and extract more from your career, your relationships, and your life.”

 Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Chancellor, BMU, addressed the students and faculty at the ceremony, “ This is a special year in just so many different ways, not just giving us time to get back together, but also the 75th year of India’s independence, or should I actually say interdependence, because for too long, we have talked of independence of moving away and doing things only by ourselves. I think the most enduring feature of this has been how, working with each other, all of us have learned to be interdependent and then stand on our feet, as a nation that wants to stand up and be counted. I think that’s truly marvellous. As we heard our prime minister say, recently, we hope in the next 25 years, we will have no Indian wanting for quality of life. All Indians will be able to live the quality of life with dignity, and the quality of life they need and deserve. I think that is where an institution like the BML Munjal university can truly contribute. Because what we’re doing, by way of research, focusing especially on translational research, to solve real-life problems with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary solutions, which is what real life is about.”

The ceremony began with a welcome note by Prof. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, BMU. In his address to the graduating batch and the esteemed gathering, Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, BMU congratulated the students on their achievements and spoke about the accomplishments of the university as well as the faculty members. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Thank you to all of our newest graduates! We are honoured by the presence of Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla, an institution in himself.

Talking about the students as well as faculty achievements, Prof. Arora said  ”This has been an exciting year for the university, as during 21-22, on our campus, twenty startups by students, faculty and alumni have been incubated and more than 20 alumni who have started their own ventures in different sectors. BatX Energies, our first startup at BMU has raised a second round of funding of INR 7 crores. We are proud to share that this year we have been able to place more than 97% of students for both engineering and management graduates. Our alumni base has grown to 2000, who are assisting us in many different ways.”

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