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Digital Marketing: 4 Cosmic insights from Chandrayaan-3

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By Apurv Verma, Vice President- Operations, SRV Media

The success of Chandrayaan-3 presents not just a moment of national pride for every Indian but also a source of inspiration for all learners. Despite India, being a developing and growth-aspiring country, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has demonstrated the virtue of concentrated efforts. Braving many challenges, be it funding or past failures, Chandrayaan-3 has taken the India and its flag to the moon, beckoning young professionals to imbibe some of the values embedded in the mission.

Here’s what students aspiring to be successful Digital Marketers can learn from Chandrayaan-3 success:

It’s all about the Niche

It’s an age-old rule of diplomacy: do something distinguished in the line of your predecessors but never fail to make your own mark. Chandrayaan-3 did exactly that.

On the 23rd of August 2023, the lunar mission placed India as the fourth country to have soft-landed on the moon, not just positioning ISRO-led India as one of the foremost players in space exploration but also cementing the nation’s spot in the elite league comprising the USA, Russia, and China. But ISRO went a step ahead: it became the first space organisation to have landed on the south pole of the moon, enabling India to be a pioneer in exploring a new niche on the lunar surface.

ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3-feat, is here to motivate aspiring digital marketers to find their forte, given that the domain is becoming increasingly complex, thus requiring professionals to master micro-niches. Not only does specialisation ensure that one is ahead of the curve but also empowers professionals to further innovate in one’s niche, thus delivering better ROI for the clients. Therefore, the quicker one figures out one’s forte and begins to upskill in that direction, the faster one is likely to scale the heights of the industry.

Cost-effectiveness and Innovation

Much like most of ISRO’s projects, Chandrayaan-3 also embodies the quintessential Indian ‘jugaadu’ spirit- something that even the Oxford Dictionary has paid homage to by including the word in the English lexicon. In our country where blockbusters cost much more than Chandrayaan 3’s relatively meagre budget of Rs 650 crore, ISRO has shown that great things require innovation as opposed to drained coffers.

Given that ROI is the holy grail that Digital Marketers perpetually chase, ISRO’s achievement urges marketing experts to double down on their innovation. Would-be Digital Marketers and budding entrepreneurs in the domain should note that the more they face the fund crunch the more likely they are to innovate. Via new innovations in Digital Marketing, the students will become pioneers, paving the way for others in the field.

Gleaning lessons from failures

The roaring success of Chandrayaan-3 preceded a heartbreaking image of the ISRO’s Former Chief K Sivan breaking down after the partial failure of Chandrayaan 2. Learning from the mistakes of Chandrayaan 2, the latest mission incorporated several technical finetunes, culminating in the current record of the first lunar mission to reach the moon’s South Pole.

To score a hit, the moon mission carried out a rigorous trial and error process followed by optimisation. This experimental method is characteristic of some of the best Digital Marketing practices. Take, for example, A/B Testing, where marketers observe the outcome of a campaign and calibrate marketing efforts to get the best results for the project. A/B Testing exemplifies how learning from missteps is not just of paramount importance in Digital Marketing but also is an essential skill for those who want to make their mark in the domain. Moreover, the ISRO’s resilience over the years is something that every ambitious professional should inculcate in themselves.


One of the highlights of ISRO’s latest mission is the rover named Pragyan, which in Sanskrit means the seeker of wisdom. Befitting the name of the rover, its aim is to broaden our understanding of the moon and its geography. And who knows what essential thing about the universe we are going to learn from the rover’s findings? In fact, as the history of the Cold War would attest, the curiosity to explore space and other advances in fundamental research have inadvertently given rise to many discoveries, inventions, and innovations that have improved our way of life.

The lesson to be learned here is that relentless, curiosity-fuelled pursuit of knowledge always creates value, even beyond the intended scope of the research.

Taking inspiration from ISRO, students seeking to become pro-Digital Marketers should keep their curiosity aflame, so that they can further not just the industry’s grasp on consumer behaviour but also devise more effective methods of improving market reach via Digital Marketing.

In conclusion, the remarkable success of Chandrayaan-3 offers valuable insights for aspiring digital marketers. While learning from its mistakes, the ISRO team leveraged its curiosity and concentrated efforts in niche exploration and cost-effective innovation to deliver the triumph that was Chradrayaan 3. Students can apply these principles to their digital marketing careers and propel themselves towards excellence in the dynamic world of Digital Marketing.

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