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Essential Last-Minute Tips/Strategies for AIMA’s MAT 2023

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The Management Aptitude Test (MAT), organised by All India Management Association since 1988, isn’t just another entrance exam; it opens doors to 20,000 management seats at 600+ prestigious B-schools. Sanjay Grover Director, AIMA, provides a few important tips for aspirants who are appearing in this Test

As the exam day approaches, aspirants are intensifying their last-minute preparations. Here are essential strategies to tweak your approach and crack the MAT exam confidently. 

  1. Critically Examine Your Mock Tests: In this final phase, aim for 1-2 daily mock sessions to assess performance, skip time-intensive sections, and sharpen time management skills for diverse question types. Mock tests are your dependable partner throughout the preparation phase, holding significance until the last moment. 
  2. Avoid Excess Emphasis on Weak Spots: Identify weak areas from prior mock tests but avoid excessive focus on those. Prioritise honing your skills in the strong areas rather than fixating on areas where you lack at this stage. Instead, look for shortcuts or alternative methods to tackle challenging topics with ease. 
  3. Time Management: MAT demands both knowledge and proper time management. So, set time limits for each section during mock attempts and practice, sticking to them attentively. This approach ensures following strict time constraints in the exam hall, saving you from putting excess focus on one section over another. 
  4. Optimise Your Revision: In the final days, concentration is essential to stay on track. Review core formulas, concepts, and subjects in all sections. Also, organise your study materials according to various core ideas and utilise study tricks like practice sessions to streamline your learning curve. This balanced revision approach ensures your overall readiness for the test. 
  5. Refresh and Recharge: This increased pressure requires integrating relaxation practices into your daily schedule. Therefore, engage in mindful activities like meditation, yoga, or simple breathing exercises to maintain calmness and sharpen focus. At the same time, adequate sleep is vital to stay immersed during the exam. A calm and composed mind makes for better information retention. 


Focused Strategies for Each Section 

  • Language Comprehension: Enhance reading speed and comprehension by going through newspapers, articles, and diverse content on a daily basis. Concentrate on solidifying grammar fundamentals and expanding vocabulary through practising various passages. 
  • Intelligence & Critical Reasoning: Achieving speed and precision is crucial in this section. Start by tackling relatively simple questions first and highlight different data patterns quickly to optimise your question-solving efficiency. 
  • Mathematical Skills: Emphasise precision over quantity when tackling questions. Strategically choose questions that align with your strengths in different areas, and practice mental calculations and time-saving strategies to enhance efficiency. 
  • Data Analysis & Sufficiency: Revise fundamental formulas, practice sample questions, and improve the speed with time-bound mock tests. Develop a checklist for data sufficiency, focus on logical reasoning, and avoid new concepts. Consolidate knowledge for optimal performance. 
  • Indian & Global Environment: Review recent news across various fields. Focus on core concepts in economics, finance, and general knowledge. Practice previous year’s questions to gauge your awareness. Brush up on government initiatives and global developments calmly. 

Exam Day Checklist 

Create a checklist including crucial items like the admit card, ID, and stationery for the exam centre. Arriving early grants sufficient time to get comfortable with the surroundings. Equally important is the mental aspect because it gives a morale boost in your preparation and decreases unnecessary stress. A positive mindset becomes invaluable, as the MAT tests for your resilient mindset apart from subject knowledge. 

Summing Up

 During the final preparation run, prioritise perfecting what you’ve mastered instead of diving into new concepts. Have confidence in your abilities and the time you’ve invested. MAT is a steppingstone to your future career aspirations, demanding a strategic approach. As the exam day comes near, just relax, revise, and stay positive!

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