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Exam Cancellation: What does this mean for students applying abroad?

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Uncertainty has been the hallmark of 2020, impacting one and all. Unfortunately, this story continues in 2021 with a second wave of infection marked by sweeping changes.

January 2021 has seen over 10.9 lakh Indian students enrolled in universities abroad – a number that was expected to rise this year with students who had deferred their 2020 admits or were awaiting a relaxation in pandemic restrictions around the world. Now, with universities beginning their Fall semesters in August-September, there is concern over release of the results.

UK, Ireland, Australia: While the actual dates are inconclusive, the results may come out in end-August – September. The term commencement dates for universities in the UK and Ireland are usually in September-October, which could disrupt the application process as many institutions require academic transcripts and final scores before they can make an admission offer. As the Visa is only issued on a confirmed letter of admission, delays in examination results further complicate the matter.

US & Canada: As universities in these regions accept students on the basis of a predictive score, there may not be as much of a hiccup, provided that the student relays the complexity of the situation to the university.

Adarsh Khandelwal, Founder, Collegify

As a student, what can you do at this time? 

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Write to the university and the relevant authorities, explaining the new developments in the Board exam scenario and ask for an extension, if necessary. Find out what advice they can offer you and how their administration officers can help you gain clarity on what modifications can be made to your application. If you have been placed on a waiting list, ensure that you send out periodic emails to register your continued interest and detail all the newly added information or updates in your profile and application status.

In the meantime, you can network and liaise with other international aspirants, university connections, and industry figures to ensure that you are kept in the loop about what could change, how others are evaluating and adapting to the circumstances, and any other opportunities that you can avail of while you wait.

To the undergraduate and graduate students who are poised to head overseas this admission cycle, I would strongly recommend that you continue doing what you are already engaged with – preparing for your exams and tests, sorting out your documents, and getting ready for the upcoming academic year. It is highly likely that universities across the globe will account for the India’s policy decision, considering Indian students make up a significant portion of their communities.  It is worthwhile to communicate proactively with your intended School, maintain a steady focus, and most importantly, refrain from panic.



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