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IIT-D students, alumni initiative on e-learning

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Under the SOLVE startup, established by the students & alumni of IIT Delhi to “solve” the problems plaguing the Indian Education System, the recent launch of e-learning portal www.intellify.in, wouldn’t have happened in a better time as the world fights COVID-19 with mass closures of schools and other institutions. This online platform for teachers and students has been developed and made accessible to all by Intellify. Tools like e-learning material in the form of abundant resources and notes, online quiz creators, etc. along with a doubt solving and discussion forum for the students and teachers are some of the features that make the platform very effective.One simply needs to visit the website and register oneself to make use of the learning resources provided.

Talking about the platform, the developers’ say that as many students were left with no other way but to self-study, doubts and difficulties arose which could not be resolved without help from the teachers or mentors, this intervention became necessary. “Initially, the we attempted to help those in need through WhatsApp for the transmission of educational material but soon the need for a broader network and a larger system was realised. This is precisely what intellify now offers through the class management platform that it has successfully developed. An interactive system that can be used by the teachers and students to utilise precious time by making use of the systematic learning that it enables has been created by the members of Intellify for everyone’s benefit

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