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Infinity Learn acquires Wizklub for $10 million, launches a new vertical Infinity Futurz

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Infinity Learn, the edtech company of  Sri Chaitanya Education Group, has started one more vertical – ’Infinity Futurz’ after it announced the acquisition of Wizklub, an edtech start-up that provides holistic cognitive development  through its HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) and SmartTech programs for children aged 6-14.  This was announced on May 25 in New Delhi by  leadership team of both the companies.  The latest acquisition also marks Infinity Learn’s third acquisition (at $10 million) in its very first year of operation. Previously it has acquired Teacherr, a digital platform by teaching community and Don’t Memorise, a concept based multilingual content platform.  Sri Chaitanya Education Group is well known for test prep of NEET and JEE.

The new vertical, Infinity Futurz, aims to augment its existing portfolio of Infinity Learn offerings to K12 segment by inducing foundational skills that a student needs to acquire to succeed in the career of their choice in future. The learners will get mentored to hone HOTS such as Analytical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Innovation, Active Learning, and the ability to use Technology to solve problems. Sushma Boppana, Founder Director Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya said at a press conference in Delhi, “We teach our students the right skill, at the right time, in the right medium. Wizklub also works on the similar principle of effectively teaching students with best in class digital products helping students develop core cognitive excellence and work on logical and creative thinking abilities. I am sure that with the Wizklub team joining Infinity Learn we will be better on our mission to give every child the best start to their learning journey and prepare them with the skills they need for a 21st-century world.”

It’s widely known that skills needed to succeed in the coming decade need to go beyond the curriculum covered in schools. This category of Future Skills is growing rapidly and has been professed by leading organizations like World Economic Forum in their Future of Jobs studies. These skills, though extremely important in the coming decade, are also immediately transferable to analytical subjects like Maths & Science where the student can use these skills to learn smart, think logically and solve complex problems.  Over the next 24 months, Infinity Learn is looking at over 1 million early years students joining for a multi-year journey with Infinity Futurz. The company will also be looking at taking the Wizklub offering through Futurz to English speaking nations this year itself.

In his comments, Ujjwal Singh, CEO and President of Infinity Learn by Sri  Chaitanya said, “Infinity Learn strives to fuel learners’ success and become a dominating k-12 player through holistic learning and teaching. The journey of a learner begins at an early age. In order to succeed in the future, a student in this decade must study a variety of core competencies. These abilities are best acquired during childhood, which Wizklub is addressing in a scientific and predictable manner. It’s amazing to see young children apply problem-solving skills and create things with AI and IoT. We are confident that with Infinity Futurz, students will be able to lay a solid foundation and apply these talents in their senior years to excel in their chosen field and create a better future.”

Amit Bansal, Founder and CEO of Wizklub said, “I found the Infinity Learn DNA very similar to that of Wizklub. Wizklub is a company obsessed with learner outcomes.  And the first question that Sushma and Ujjwal asked me in our first meeting was: How do you measure whether the student has acquired the skills you are teaching. I found that a refreshing change from the market full of “sell first” approach. I know that with Infinity Learn, we would realize our vision to empower the current generation of school going children with skills necessary to succeed in future.”

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