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JAIN International Residential School (JIRS), Bengaluru, welcomes its students with strong safety measures

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The residential school situated in Bengaluru is welcoming back students for the new academic year to a safe, controlled, and a well-planned environment. The campus is fully prepared with complete prevention with an upgraded and well equipped Medical Centre.

JAIN International Residential School, Bengaluru, one of the top residential schools in India has reopened its REGULAR SCHOOLING for all its students from grade 5th to 12th(CBSE, CAIE & IBDP). As the school reopened, the school has strictly followed all the COVID -19 guidelines and protocols to ensure the health and safety of its students.

Speaking about the safety measures, Mr. R.K. Sharma, COO, JIRS  said, “We believe that as responsible citizens all individuals need to acknowledge the changed circumstances following the pandemic and think, speak and act appropriately. We have taken every possible measures to ensure health and safety of our students as well as our staff. All staff members at JIRS, including teachers, coaches, houseparents (wardens / matrons), chefs, stewards, housekeeping, and all members of administrative staff and sub-staff, are vaccinated and have undergone extensive training to take care of all the students as they have started returning to school. Students are allowed to come to school only if they are medically cleared of any fever, cough, cold, difficulty in breathing for 15 days prior reporting”.

At the time of reporting to campus, students are required to produce a self-declaration form and permits. Students coming from places not far from Bangalore are advised to travel by own vehicles. Utilizing any public transports are to be strictly avoided. Students should wear masks and carry hand sanitizers and frequently use them. They should avoid touching any items unnecessarily at all times.

The school followed three steps before the school welcomed the students to its campus. In the first and foremost step, it was ensured that all staff of the school to be present at the campus. The campus was properly sanitized with fumigation and the entire campus was disinfected. In the second step, the school management communicated with parents and students through email, phone and WhatsApp about the safety measures taken at the campus. In the third step, Student orientation on health, hygiene and emotional wellbeing were undertaken.

IMMUNITY BUILDING – Immunity building is the most necessary thing at this moment to fight COVID 19 symptoms. To develop physical and mental strength, children are provided with citrus fruit juices for Vitamin C and are being encouraged for daily sports regimens. Students start the day with yoga and end the day with meditation, which enables them to spiritually recharge themselves. Children are also provided with Homeopathy medicines by renowned physician, Dr. Subramanian, daily to protect from infectious diseases

HYGIENE- Community Health specialist in place is being regularly involved in maintaining health and hygiene in the campus. Warm drinking water is available for all students and staff at all times. Accommodations, administrative offices and academic blocks have a ready supply of masks and gloves. Emphasis is being laid by teachers, house parents, and other staff that all students use masks, and are frequently sanitized.

HEALTHCARE – The school has procured a large supply of masks, visors, sanitizers, and gloves, to provide to all individuals. The school has ordered specialized sanitizing tunnels, which are installed at the numerous points. All student accommodations have pulse oximeters to check lung fitness and oxygen saturation level. The medical centre has been upgraded to provide timely care for all people residing on campus, with access to an ambulance at all times. Isolation wards have been developed to accommodate individuals displaying any symptoms.

PARENTAL COOPERATION – Parents are asked to fill up the self-declaration form of the child’s medical history for the last three weeks and get it confirmed by a family physician. If the child has symptoms such as fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, nasal congestion, cough or loss of taste or smell, within 15 days before reporting to school, parents are advised to delay in sending them to school. JIRS has made medical insurance mandatory for all students who must be covered by health insurance for the academic year. Parents are asked to send electronic health insurance policy details.

CHILD SAFETY PROTOCOL in the classroom, Students are allocated seats and teachers are ensuring that the students are following the distancing norms. Health education orientation for the canteen staff, security, housekeeping, and other staff areconducted regularly. Sodexo and housekeeping staff is being checked by the doctor regularly for good health and hygiene. JIRS has created a Special cell inclusive of parents’, school management personals, health specialists, student council members and for evaluating the safety and security measures and coming up with suggestions and proposals on a regular basis.

In case of any positive test result, the school administration and the doctor shall follow infection prevention protocols to identify the source of infection and act swiftly and also take immediate measures to protect other individuals on the campus. Regular music sessions, including the aartibhajan, act as a stress buster for all individuals. Professionals Counsellors are also available to train childrenon managing stress and socially integration during these times.

New Admissions

Admissions are open for 5th to 11th grade for the CBSE board, 8th & 9thgrade for Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), and 11th and 12th grade for International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). Parents and students can refer to the link here for Curriculum and Pedagogy details:  https://www.jirs.ac.in/academics



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