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5 Shiv Nadar School Students Develop Bioenzyme against eutrophication in water bodies

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Nistha Sehgal, Taarushi Abrol, Rupangana Gupta, Ishaan Viryani, and Sanidhya Mehta—all Grade 10 students from Shiv Nadar School, Noida, have come up with an eco-friendly  innovation that may help in revival of water bodies downgraded with  eutrophication — a process where water bodies become enriched with nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen. Their product is eco-friendly bioenzyme made from fermentation of jiggery, citirus peels and water in a ratio of 1:3:10.

The students, who go by the name of Team Eutrophication, came up with this solution after months of research in ideating a possible solution.  They realised that lot of water bodies around us can be revived and need to be treated with immediate attention. Eventually, the solution came their way.

This mixture effectively purifies surface and underground water, and it serves as a natural pesticide, reducing the need for chemical alternatives. Additionally, it helps prevent blockage in drainage pipes by releasing any residues that may have accumulated in the sewage pipe. The solution mixture can be made from kitchen waste and environmentally friendly and adopted easily.   “We are thrilled to have developed Bioenzyme, a simple and cost-effective solution to combat the growing threat of eutrophication,” the team said.

Mark Nelson, Head of technology Shiv Nadar School commented,  “The success of our Grade 10 students in developing Bioenzyme, a sustainable solution for cleaning water bodies, is a testament to the effectiveness of our curriculum in nurturing young innovators and problem solvers who are committed to making a positive difference in the world.”


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