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Science’s ‘missing link’ to career prospects and economy adding to science education challenge: Dr Anil Kakodkar

Ever wonder why barring physicist Sir C V Raman, who won Nobel Prize in 1930, other Indian Nobel laureates in sciences won the prize from outside India? Even the Raman spectroscope was invented outside India. There is something amiss in the social ecosystem which includes education system, which is not encouraging sciences in general. According to Dr. Anil Kakodkar, nuclear scientist …

Chemistry is in every one, & in everything that we do: Dr. A. Ajayaghosh, Director, NIIST

If relationships are strong, then it is considered that the chemistry between two people is working.  Chemistry is in everything that we do.  It is in each one of us. There is no Life Science without Chemistry. Everybody is made of chemicals. Chemical reactions occur when we breathe, eat, sleep. It is in the food we eat, clothes we wear, …

National Science Day Special: First North India edition of Anveshana 2016 in Delhi was a hit with children

Science & engineering fair to innovate & create the best models was spread on two days at National Science Centre Agastya International Foundation, an education trust that runs world’s largest mobile hands-on science education program for disadvantaged children and teachers and Synopsys India, a world class R&D center of Synopsys, Inc., hosted its 1st edition of Anveshana 2016, at the …

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