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COVID 19 impact will see more people looking for Freelance jobs

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By Ayush Goyal, CEO & Founder, Expertright.com

The working patterns in the workspace across all sectors is witnessing a paradigm shift as people will be now looking towards the possibility of freelance jobs either due to economic downturn or for their own safety from catching the virus.

Freelance jobs in any case were rising in popularity owing to several reasons like low cost to company, personal liberty, choice of work type etc. motivating both the companies and working professionals to choose freelance work. While a freelance job is a much prevalent concept in the western countries, this trend has been catching up in the India as well. The reasons why the millennials today are shifting to this independent way of working is not just for the ease of work but also for the future that the freelance industry holds for these professionals. Today, several small and big companies are opting to outsource work rather than hiring permanent employees as it saves on the workspace cost. So, to keep up with this changing trend all working professionals must start looking towards the opportunities that freelancing offers.

For a better understanding of those looking towards the possibility of opting for freelance jobs, here are five reasons why you should think of shifting to a freelance job.

  1. Higher levels of flexible working– Working on freelance projects provides higher flexibility in your working patterns. While you are bound to complete a project in the given time, the flexibility of working in the comfort of your home as per your own convenience is the benefit that comes along with freelance jobs. You do not have to stick to the 9-5 pattern of work timing. This additionally helps one to manage both their personal and professional life well.
  • Steady income stream– It is essential for the freelancers to develop a strong client base or you can also liaison with freelance service providers like ExpertRight.com that provides numerous job listings to choose from. This helps you develop an authentic relationship with several clients in your field of work along with opening gates to a steady income and growth.
  • Creative Liberty– While you work as a freelancer, you are your own boss and this allows you to work beyond any constraints and follow your creative extinct. It gives you the liberty to experiment with your thought process and apply new ideas in your projects. This ultimately leads to not just your professional but also your personal growth.
  • Provides both Long term and Short term opportunities– Unlike the 9-5 jobs, the advantage of being a freelancer is that you can choose when to work and when not to. You can take both short term and long term projects based on your necessity and availability to work. In case you are looking to work for only 4-5 hours, in such cases short term projects provides you good remuneration for the work you do.
  • No one is your Boss!- We cannot disagree on the fact that honesty, timeliness and commitment are what makes you a successful professional. In case of freelancing jobs, you do not have any constant monitoring as a freelancer i.e. no one is your boss and so this helps an individual in growing independently. But at the same time it is essential that one adheres to the authenticity and quality of his/her work.

While in this digitally advanced world, the work prospects for freelancers are numerous, one must know how to search for these projects at the right time and the right place. You may be exceptionally good at your work, but what good is this efficiency of you cannot get the right projects that help you grow and earn better. So, here are a few things that a freelancer must keep in mind while searching for freelancing projects online-

  1. Direct online marketing– Search for companies that you would want to work with and create a list. Next step is to find contact email addresses that can be acquired from the company’s website or social media pages. Write a simple and formal email pitch adding links to your site or attach your work in the email. Start sending emails. This approach will help you develop a personal connect with several clients and will also provide you with authentic projects.
  • Use LinkedIn Premium– LinkedIn Premium is one of the most popular yet a very formal platform that gives you the ability to message anyone. You can find companies from almost every sector and can thereby, contact them through messages or email (provided in their profile). You may not always be successful in receiving a reply from everyone, but the client pool is vast, and you will surely be able to pitch some projects.
  • Visit relevant sites daily– There are several forums that work with clients of all sizes – from individuals and startups to Fintech, Travel, Ed-tech and Media giants. Anyone can post a requirement and receive bids from carefully matched professional freelancers. So, such platforms work as the perfect place for acquiring projects. One such platform is ExpertRight.com where you can easily obtain freelance work. Also, the website is 100% authentic and safe.
  • Online Job Portals– Several online job portals like Indeed.com post freelance jobs daily. All you must do is open an account, upload your resume and start looking for freelance opportunities at the ease of your home.
  • Social Media leads– Several groups on the social media offer freelance opportunities. But you must carefully analyze the company/individual profile before accepting a project. The leads on social media are numerous but you need to be very careful while sharing your details with any individual.

A word of caution

Please keep the following always in mind.

  • Do not share your personal details like address, mobile number, unless you are sure of the company or the website that you are working on.
  • Do not share your bank details unless you are trust the company’s whereabouts.
  • Negotiate on the cost per project. Do not work for less pay, this sets an industry standard and hampers the growth of the community as a whole
  • Deliver your projects on time. Timeliness and quality are the key strengths of a freelancer and help in building trust.
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