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How Technological trends are changing Childcare for Parents

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By Raj Singhal, co-founder & CEO, Footprints

The technology-driven shift in early education activities is increasingly being accepted as a form of experiential learning thanks to all pervasive use of technology, now part of life. Childcare softwares, management systems, videos, gaming and other formats are becoming integral to childcare and play way schooling.

While this trend will continue to grow, the integration of online digital technology and solutions, has clearly earmarked areas of their use in the operations of child daycare centers and preschools. The technology integration in their daily routine operations has eased and enhanced their day today work and routines. Attendance apps reduce paperwork, automate billing, and simplify record-keeping. This not only saves time and money but also ensures accuracy. Online portals allow parents to pay tuition conveniently, eliminating the need for discussions about fees and late payments. Additionally, shared online calendars keep parents informed about upcoming events, fostering greater involvement.

Then, most progressive childcare centers enrich and enhance the educational experience for children using digital and online resources. Teachers can easily track progress, share assignments, conduct quizzes, and evaluate performance through user-friendly interfaces, ensuring an engaging learning experience. Nowadays, these childcare centres are incorporating interactive educational games and activities into their curriculums, that are not only entertaining but also critical in developing cognitive skills. Innovative tools, such as devices that transform traditional books into interactive smart books, further enrich the learning experience.

This may look part of evolving learning environments in response to advancement of technology, the best part is parenting has become much stress-free and engaging.  One of the most significant technological advancements is in communication.

Childcare centers support working parents by offering flexible services and convenient access to information using technology. Parent engagement apps allow parents to stay connected with their child’s activities and development, even while at work. Based on this two-way communication, some centers offer extended hours and additional services to accommodate various schedules, ensuring that children receive quality care and education tailored to their needs.

Parents no longer need to wait until pick-up to hear about their child’s day. Apps now provide real-time updates, pictures, and videos, keeping parents informed and involved. For working parents, this constant stream of information is invaluable, allowing them to stay connected despite busy schedules. Parent engagement apps facilitate direct communication between parents and teachers, enabling questions and concerns to be addressed promptly.

Many early education and care centers provide parents with live CCTV streaming, allowing them to observe their children’s activities in real time. This transparency fosters a strong connection between parents and their children, offering peace of mind. Parent engagement apps keep parents informed with regular updates, growth milestones, and photos.

Safety is paramount, and technology plays a crucial role here. Many childcare centers use biometrically controlled visitor entry systems to ensure only authorized individuals can access the premises. Advanced security systems, including CCTV cameras accessible via apps, allow parents to monitor their children throughout the day. Apps also enable parents to track the location of pick-up and drop-off vehicles, adding an extra layer of security during transitions.

Tech savvy centres and preschools, can use positive reviews across various platforms attest to their impact on children’s development and parental satisfaction for digital marketing. And for young parents, the future is indeed overwhelmingly tech-driven and they need to keep themselves informed.



The Indian preschool market is on the rise, valued at USD 957.86 million in 2023, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.20 percent from 2024 to 2032. This rapid expansion is fueled by a shift from optional pre-schooling to regular pre-schooling as per NEP 2020 and more edupreneurs offering experiential and technology-driven learning and services to traditional daycare and early education centres.

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