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Nashik Smart School Project upskilled 29,000 students and 820 teachers in 2 years

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The Nashik Municipal Schools have seen significant improvements over the span of two years, including an 8% increase in student enrollment, a 25% reduction in student dropout rates, and a 12% enhancement in attendance. These positive outcomes are attributed to the digital infrastructure installed in the schools as part of the Nashik Municipal Corporation’s Smart School Project which is integrating cutting-edge technology into classrooms.

The Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Authority, in collaboration with Palladium India as the Advisory Consultant, has successfully executed a 70 crore initiative to modernize 100 municipal schools, transforming them into smart institutions. In the latest update, the project has upgraded 82 Nashik Municipal Schools into Smart Schools with 656 smart classrooms, 74 ICT/Computer Labs, and digitalizing 82 headmaster rooms. This initiative has directly benefited over 29,000 students and 820 teachers.

In its efforts to transform the NMC schools, Palladium India implemented the Strategic Transformation and Education Program (STEP) approach, which encompassed various initiatives such as Education Transformation, Infrastructure Enhancements, Teaching Empowerment, Establishment of Libraries, Miyawaki Afforestation for Environmental Sustainability, and several Social Awareness Programs like Smart Girls and Bal Sansad.

Features like interactive digital boards, projectors, high-speed internet connectivity, and a plethora of e-learning resources have greatly enriched the academic experience across these schools. Furthermore, the project has prioritized Curriculum Development, ensuring the creation of high-quality digital content across all subjects and grade levels. Notably, the computer education curriculum, curated by the Palladium team, encourages interactive and multimedia content, stimulating curiosity among students.

B.T. Patil, Administrative Officer, Nashik Municipal Corporation shared his vision for the project and said, “In just two years, the Nashik Smart School Project has soared to great heights, surpassing expectations and redefining educational excellence. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration with Palladium India, we’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation in classrooms and beyond. Our holistic approach has empowered students, inspired educators, and created a thriving educational ecosystem that is shaping the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. As we continue to push boundaries and embrace new possibilities, the future of learning in Nashik is brighter than ever before.”

Amit Patjoshi, CEO, of Palladium India said, “Through a pioneering approach that fuses cutting-edge technology with innovative teaching methods, the Nashik Smart School Project heralds a new era in education. As partners in this transformative endeavor, Palladium is honored to play a role in shaping the future of learning. This initiative isn’t just about classrooms; it’s about redefining educational standards nationwide, paving the way for a generation of empowered leaders.”

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