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National Education Day 2023: A Day to Commemorate Learning, Inspire Innovation, and Shape Tomorrow’s Leaders

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National Education Day is celebrated every year on November 11 across India to mark the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who was the first education minister of independent India. This annual event puts the spotlight on the boundless potential of education and the students who are the true architects of tomorrow. It also underscores the significance of mentorship and guidance in helping young minds reach their full potential. This day is not just a momentary celebration; it represents an ongoing dedication to enhancing education and, consequently, bettering the world. It serves as a reminder that knowledge is a potent catalyst for positive change and holds the potential to shape a brighter future for all.

According to Ajitesh Basani: Executive Director-Administration, ABBS ( Acharya Bangalore Business School),  as we navigate the burgeoning AI revolution, let us use this National Education Day to recommit ourselves to nurturing ‘happy children’—children who are not only tech-savvy but also grounded in strong values amidst our fast-changing reality. Education is redefined today; it’s no longer just about knowledge transfer. It is a comprehensive, character-shaping voyage that echoes through future generations. “Our pledge is to provide an education that balances academics with the essential pillars of skills, attitude, and values. Every child is a wellspring of creativity and ability, waiting to be discovered and honed by educators. Like diverse flowers in life’s garden, each child flourishes distinctively, beyond comparison—a timeless truth that must be cherished at home and cultivated in our schools. As we observe National Education Day, it’s a moment to reflect on education’s progressive journey—especially in these times of global flux, where affordability and adaptability have become paramount,” he explains.

The educational sphere has swiftly transformed, prioritizing flexible learning pathways enriched with local and global perspectives. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on digital education and the use of technology in the learning process. National Education Day provides a platform to discuss these advancements and their potential to make education more accessible and inclusive.

Shrenik Parmar, Founder and CEO, DegreeLabs Ltd, adds: “At DegreeLabs, we champion this evolution by making transnational education both accessible and cost-effective, embedding the rich tapestry of the Indian context within world-class foreign degree programs. As we transition back to a blend of in-class and international education, the value of TNE in fostering inclusive and diverse academic environments is more pronounced. It is our mission to democratize this blend of learning, ensuring students from every corner have the opportunity to pursue their global ambitions without barriers.”

In words of Nitin Viijay, CEO and Founder of Motion Education, the education sector in the last few years have integrated digital transformation effectively to make youngsters future-ready for industry and innovating continuously to shrink the skill gap required in the industry. Complying innovation into learning is a step forward in developing the necessary skills in the students that can make them well-prepared for navigating the unpredictable workplace terrain with ingenuity in the future.  “It comes in handy to nurture out-of-the-box thinking amongst students that cultivate a problem-solving approach in the individual. Therefore, it can be said that innovative learning beholds a larger cause of contributing to the resiliency of not just the country but also the career of the individual at large.”

As per Shivam Dutta, CEO AlmaBetter, Education is more than a personal journey; it’s the cornerstone of societal stability and national progress. The importance of Education Day lies in recognizing its transformative power. In today’s dynamic world, education is not just a pathway to personal fulfillment; it’s the bedrock of economic prosperity.  “As we celebrate this day, let’s champion the values of knowledge, inclusivity, and continuous learning. It’s a day to reflect on the new National Education Policy, which advocates a new holistic educational paradigm. AlmaBetter stands at the forefront, dedicated to crafting a personalised educational journey, ensuring today’s youth is well-equipped for a brighter, empowered future in the evolving landscape of technology and knowledge,” he adds.

C.A. Abhinit Singh, Founder, Ready Accountant feels Education is the key that unlocks the door to success. “As we commemorate this day, let us commit to providing quality education that prepares individuals for the challenges of the financial world. Education empowers, and with knowledge, we equip the next generation of professionals to excel, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to the global financial landscape,” he says.

National Education Day is not just a date on the calendar; it’s a spectacular celebration of the student community and the incredible journey of discovery, growth, and dreams. “Let’s come together to support and invest in education that transcends boundaries, creating a society where everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow. In doing so, we contribute to a nation that values the collective wisdom of its people, paving the way for a brighter future for all,” says Patriek Karayil, President, American Colleges.

Kavita Sharma, CEO & Co-founder, Ziyyara Edutech  perhaps sums it up aptly by saying Education knows no boundaries, and on this occasion, we celebrate the diversity of learning that enriches lives across the globe. “Let us renew our commitment to making education accessible and nurturing a love for learning. As we reflect on the impact of education, let it be a reminder that every student holds the potential to shape a better tomorrow. Together, we illuminate the path to knowledge, making a world where education is a universal right for all.”

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