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Tackling E-Waste pollution: Hyderabad’s E-Cycl, led by teen activists Diya Loka and Sahithi Radha creates a ripple

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E-Cycl, a groundbreaking NGO, founded by two teenage environment activists studying in class 11, Diya Loka from Chirec International School, Kondapur, Hyderabad and Sahithi Radha from Future Kids, both 16 and childhood friends since their 4th-grade days, is making heads turn as their work is being increasingly finding support and recognition. Their brainchild, E-Cycl, is on a mission to revolutionize the way we perceive and handle electronic waste. Their story is an embodiment of the belief that change is a collective endeavor, led by the energy and vision of the younger generation.

E-Cycl’s core mission revolves around the organization of e-waste collection drives, reaching out to organizations, schools, colleges, and societies. Remarkably, they have already orchestrated ten successful drives, accumulating a staggering 1000 kilograms of e-waste.  E-Cycl stands strong with the backing of Recykal and Crapbin, two organizations dedicated to championing sustainable practices.

Beyond mere collection, their educational endeavors include hosting offline seminars on responsible e-waste disposal, enlightening over a thousand students from grades 6 to 12. These seminars also recognize volunteers, fostering a sense of responsibility and community engagement.  “E-Cycl is not just about disposing of e-waste; it’s about nurturing awareness and education. By joining hands with organizations, schools, and communities, we are building a movement of environmentally conscious youth. Together, we can drive innovation and create a nurturing environment for climate action” say Diya Loka, co-founder, E-cycl.

E-Cycl’s notable accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. The organization secured the runner-up position in the international level Next Generation Future Practitioners Award, receiving a cash prize of $500. Also, sponsorship by Meta Open Arts led to E-Cycl’s recognition in the renowned Guggenheim.

Furthermore, E-Cycl’s impactful initiatives have garnered support from influential organizations. Museum in New York City, accompanied by sponsorship from The Wall Street Journal. Their partnership with Meta has also connected them with invaluable mentors, Beatrice Galilee and Cyra Levenson. Additional support from The World Around and UNEP (Samsung) has opened doors to further opportunities.

What began as an initiative to combat e-waste in Hyderabad has now evolved into a grassroots community-building project. E-Cycl is not only reducing e-waste at its source but also creating a nurturing environment for environmentally conscious youth to brainstorm innovative climate action ideas. They are not just disposing of e-waste; they are also nurturing awareness and education. Their focus on e-waste is particularly timely and critical, considering the potential harm posed by improper disposal, including the release of carcinogens and harmful chemicals into the environment.

Through E-Cycl, we are spearheading a revolution in e-waste management. By organizing collection drives and hosting educational seminars, we are making a tangible impact on the environment. Our goal is to inspire and empower the younger generation to take responsibility and lead the way towards a sustainable future,” adds Sahithi Radha, Co-founder, E-Cycl.

More power to Diya Loka and Sahithi Radha, who have embarked on a journey to make the world a greener, cleaner place.  Organizations, schools, colleges, and societies seeking to organize e-waste collection drives can approach E-Cycl for support and partnership.

Call 8897670998 or send an email to ecyclindia@gmail.com


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