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Top 5 vivo Ignite Awards winners receive INR 21 lakhs cash prize for their Innovative Ideas

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vivo, a smartphone brand, has announced the National Winners of its country-wide initiative – ‘vivo Ignite: Technology and Innovation Awards’, in collaboration with NCERT and iHub DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee. In all 10 National Finalists presented the most scientifically innovative and socially relevant projects, out of which the Top 5 were declared National Winners. The event was held on Feb 10th in New Delhi.  Rajendra Prasad Singh, Chief Scientist and Head, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) was the chief guest.

SMART STREET – Where innovation meets sustainability won the first prize worth INR 7 lakhs for presenting a prototype aimed at implementing smart streets for safer, greener, scenic roads. The runners-up were Multi-Functional Eco-Friendly Agro Machine, Automatic Machine for Ready to Grow Oyster Mushroom Bags, Optimization For Cyclists’ Posture Using Real-Time Embedded System And Data Analysis, and STEMLY, sharing cash prizes worth INR 14 lakhs. As a token of appreciation towards their dedication and commitment towards building innovative solutions for social good, the 6th to 10th National Finalists were rewarded with a cash prize worth INR 25,000 each.

Furthermore, certificates and exciting goodies will be awarded to all 10 National Finalists and 200 zonal winners. The Top 25 ideas, selected based on video submissions, are being evaluated and considered for research study/incubation/start-up by iHUB DivyaSampark – the innovation center of IIT Roorkee.

More than 19,000 had registered and over 4,000 projects were received countrywide for the contest. The initiative was open to all Indian students of grades 8 to 12 and was conducted in three stages between November 2023 to February 2024.

Geetaj Channana, Head of Corporate Strategy, vivo India, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all the students, stating, “It is a joy to embrace the spirit of innovation and creativity, with the vivo Ignite: Technology and Innovation Awards. We’re profoundly inspired by the ingenuity and creativity demonstrated by these young minds. Through our CSR initiatives like vivo Ignite, we aim to nurture and empower emerging talent, offering a platform for their sustainable and globally competitive ideas. With an overwhelming response of over 19,000 participants and 4000+ projects nationwide, we’re thrilled to witness the exponential growth and enthusiasm surrounding vivo Ignite, building upon the success of previous years.

 “It’s truly inspiring to see young minds channel their energies towards finding solutions to pressing societal issues. The winning project, ‘Smart Street – Where Innovation Meets Sustainability,’ exemplifies the potential of innovative thinking to create safer, greener, and more efficient urban environments. We applaud vivo’s commitment to fostering innovation among Indian students and look forward to witnessing the continued impact of this collaborative effort.” said Prof (Dr.) Indu Kumar, Head, Department of ICT and Training Division, CIET – NCERT.

Details of 10 Projects:

  1. SMART STREET – Where innovation meets sustainability: We believe that implementing smart streets will not only reduce road accidents but will also make roads energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, pollution-free and also add to scenic beauty. To create more sustainable roads. To develop smarter and energy producing and conserving streets, pavement
  2. Multi Functional Eco-Friendly Agro Machine: Here an effort has been made to address the issues of our marginal farmers by developing an eco friendly, multifunctional, low cost, portable and solar power agro machine  doing  operations of threshing and grain separating straw cutting used as fodder, winnowing and bag stitching in single process.
  3. Automatic Machine For Ready To Grow Oyster Mushroom Bags: The machine automatizes the process of cutting straws, pasteurizing, inoculating with mushroom mycelium and packing them to have ready to grow Oyster Mushroom bags thereby reducing inconvenience associated with current manual processes and contamination to enhance production of Oyster mushrooms.
  4. Optimization For Cyclists’ Posture Using Real-Time Embedded System And Data Analysis: This study explores the impact of posture on cycling speed, identifying optimal positions through aerodynamic analysis. A real-time embedded hardware system monitors key factors, providing instant feedback to optimize posture.The system empowers cyclists for sustainable and efficient riding.
  5. STEMLY: Biases, self-concepts, and other obstacles emerge in a woman’s journey into STEM. My solution implements personalized interventions at a scale to help women overcome these challenges—the method that a Yale psychologist approved uses many AI pathway in a multi-modal approach for effective mitigation.
  6. ARTIFICIAL VOICE: Artificial Voice is my project whose main aim is to help all those people 500 million who can’t speak like us. It will allow them to communicate their thoughts and feelings. It is a combination of Mood Sensors, AI algorithms, TTS Software and Database Technology. Let’s Give Voice To The Voiceless.
  7. socAIt (Society) – an AI based tool for providing support during disasters: soc-AI-t is an AI model that uses the speed and extent of info posted on social-media platforms right after disasters, using complex neural networks to process data like population density, available transport routes and people movement, to create a ‘Chaos map’ for first responders to prioritize aid
  8. AssistOne: This is a smart hat that can help visually impaired people by helping them to navigate and assist themselves in their daily life. It can also provide essential day-to-day assistance such as weather reports using the help of Alexa. It is reliable, comfortable, cost effective and a lifetime solution.
  9. The Carbon Neutraliser: The problem statement that we chose is the hazards caused by increasing carbon emissions, and the two major problems are global warming whose main culprit is CO2 and increasing respiratory disorders caused by PM 2.5. In our model we are using these substances to make useful products-Ink & 0xygen.
  10. MISTI – Modern Indoor System For Trapping Insects: I present to you, “MISTI” i.e., modern indoor system for trapping insects. It is a permanent solution for trapping and collecting insects for safe and hygienic disposal. MISTI is a smart insect trapper, collector, mosquito repellent, bird feeder, air freshener, and a decent home décor.
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