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World Youth Skills Day 2023: Skilling teachers, trainers, and youth for a transformative future

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July 15th is celebrated as World Youth Skills Day to recognize the importance of empowering young individuals with essential skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and holistic development. World Youth Skills Day highlights the urgency to invest in youth skill development. Today’s global landscape is driven by rapid digital transformation, changing consumer behavior, and evolving economic structures.

In this digital era, technological literacy is no longer a luxury but a necessity says Sachin Alug, CEO, NLB Services.Bridging the skills gap becomes crucial to empower young people and reduce youth unemployment in the face of these changes. Skill development nurtures confidence, self-sufficiency, and a sense of purpose among young people, enabling them to navigate real-life challenges with ease and efficiency,” he adds.

Automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence are transforming industries, creating new jobs while rendering some traditional roles obsolete. It is crucial for young people to be prepared to embrace these technologies and adapt to the changing nature of work.

In terms of desired skills, artificial intelligence & machine learning, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and blockchain are increasingly becoming popular. While such hard skills will continue to shape the future of work, it is important to strike a balance by nurturing soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.
Supporting this, Abhay Srivastava, Chief Human Resource Officers, IKS Health Limited, says, “In order to succeed in any sector, translational skills such as effective communication, relationship-building, and teamwork are essential. Finding the ideal mix between technical proficiency, personal connection, and adaptability will determine the future success of today’s young professionals.”

Skilling plays a pivotal role in unleashing the untapped potential of young individuals. By acquiring pertinent skills, youth can significantly improve their employment prospects, adapt effectively to dynamic job markets, and contribute to overall economic growth. Organizations have a significant role to play in skilling youth. Through collaboration, curriculum design, apprenticeships, mentorship programs, and active participation in career development initiatives, organizations contribute to equipping young individuals with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience they need to succeed in the job market.

Lifelong learning should be promoted as a means to adapt to evolving industry needs and encourage continuous upskilling and reskilling.

Abhishek Ajmera, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, UNIVO: “The success of a nation rests in the hands of its youth, and India’s future shines bright with a staggering 65% of the population comprising young individuals. The rising demand for online higher education, as highlighted by a KPMG report, signifies a promising shift towards a skilled and qualified workforce. With online higher education leading the charge, India is poised to become a global powerhouse and the skill capital of the world. UNIVO with 60+ online degree programs from top-tier universities worldwide recognizes this potential and is dedicated to unlocking it through accessible and affordable online higher education.”

Sarvesh Agrawal, CEO and Founder, Internshala:In today’s professional era which is dynamically advancing with technology and has a cut-throat competition, it has become a necessity for young professionals and job aspirants to focus on their skill sets. Along with being digitally savvy, having future skills is quintessential to complement their degrees. Internshala is a huge advocate of skill building and experiential learning through in-demand skill training and internships to enable the students in becoming career ready.

Having said that, the onus to enable skilling among today’s youth lies with our educators – trainers, and teachers. The teaching community needs to be adept with rapid tech advancements and come up with innovative ways of imparting education to their students. A major factor here is technology. The advancements in this sector is truly enabling and has the potential to assist the teaching community in driving creativity in their educating process and encouraging a holistic skill development of the students.”

 Dr. Adit Desai, Co-founder, DocTutorials:The changing dynamics of the startup landscape, with the introduction of disruptive technologies like AI and ML, along with the ever-evolving digital marketing space and increased cyber threats, have compelled both large and small companies to seek professionals equipped with the necessary skills to overcome these challenges. This has led to a significant reorganisation in the HR sector worldwide, making reskilling imperative for the workforce. Once seen as luxuries or leisure pursuits, executive education and upskilling have now become almost prerequisites for securing employment. Additionally, this change has given teachers and trainers specialising in these abilities a significant opportunity to be acknowledged for their expertise, which was previously taken for granted. It is an incredibly exciting space, and the next five years will favour those who dedicate sufficient time to learning and successfully applying these skills.”

Himmat Singh Dhillon, Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar : “Together, we can shape a brighter future where no young person is left behind. Let us be the change.”

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