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Union Budget 2018-19: Children, Education continue to remain unregistered as national priorities

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who presented his fifth consecutive union budget on February 1, once again failed to prioritize education and children. In fact, the whole discourse around these two vital sectors is suffering from a lack of vision. Children who constitute more than 40% of country’s population continue to face neglect as their budgetary share in absolute terms …

Nothing Revolutionary About Education Budget 2017-18

Though this year’s budget proposals for education sector look like paying a closer attention than usual to this game changer sector and shifting focus on youth, in the ultimate analysis, education sector  continues to remain a neglected priority for the government in this budget too  Referring to the challenges of ambitions on growth, employment and social justice spelt in this …

Union Budget 2016-17: Education & Skills, a pillar without concrete

Though proposals related to education sector are well-intentioned and to some extent transformative, yet the thrust on core education as the fuel for knowledge economy appears missing in the union  budget for 2016-17 At least part of the narrative around Government budget in the last few years has moved to the ‘unspent’ allocations and though no correction is in sight …

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