Home Spotlight ‘Mothers will play a more significant role in nurturing education journey of their children in changing context’

‘Mothers will play a more significant role in nurturing education journey of their children in changing context’

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On International Mothers’ Day (May 14) 2023, Jonali Das, Principal, Modern English School, Kahilipara, Guwahati answers a few questions on changing dynamics of Foundational learning and mothers

Do you see any heightened awareness among parents, especially mothers, on the new foundational learning and standardization policy?
Today, parents, especially mothers, increasingly realize the significance of solid foundational learning for a rewarding future for children. Moreover, with the evolving needs of the contemporary world, mothers are actively eyeing innovative solutions that can give their children the best possible education. Furthermore, they are actively involved in their children’s learning journey, offering guidance and resources to ensure their holistic development.

What are their concerns in your conversations with them?
Due to intense competition, mothers are highly concerned about their children’s future. They also seek a 360-degree development of their kids to futureproof them for upcoming challenges and opportunities. Moreover, mothers at present are also looking for personalized approaches to education delivery to meet the specific learning requirements of their children.

What change of role do you feel will these new policy changes bring for mothers?
The NEP 2020 and NCF 2023 will significantly transform India’s education landscape, focusing on experiential learning, integrating technology into education delivery and transitioning towards a skill or competency-based learning. This will lead to mothers playing a more significant role in nurturing their children’s education journey. They will also have to be more informed about the latest educational approaches and technologies and collaborate with teachers and schools to implement the policy mandates effectively.

Are you holding any special Parent-teacher meetings to increase awareness?

Modern English School has always been at the forefront of promoting collaborative learning. We have always welcomed parents’ feedback to design unique instruction delivery strategies and organize regular parent-teacher meetings in this regard. Parents have a substantial role in shaping children’s careers, so we keep them informed of the latest developments and offer advice about their children’s requirements.


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