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Sheen Communications was formed in 1998 for offering media solutions/consultancy. The company is empanelled with Doordarshan for production of programs for DD-Kashir as well as DAVP (Ministry of I & B) and Govt of Uttarakhand.

It offers consultancy, content, scripting and production services. We have a team of livewire professionals and network with equipment companies, studios, animation and graphics professionals, etc to offer complete range of services for a high quality video and audio production. We have an MoU with Rohitfilms for using their audio recording studio facilities and renowned voice-over artists on their panel for high quality audio, dubbing, narration and music.  Similarly, we have an understanding with an animation company for 2D as well 3D animation.

Some of clients and production houses we have served in the past include Rai Media International, Tinni Production, Saten Kapu Films, Sandeep Dhar Films, Candlelight Communications, Triems films, Nehru Films etc.

On its own, the company has produced a 13-episode chat show, “Khasoosi Mulaqat”for DD-Urdu, which was aired in 2013; A 13-episode football training programme for DD India, co-produced another 13-episode featuring quiz programme for DD Urdu. Produced a three-part documentary series on disaster management for DD-Kashir in 2010. Two projects of All India Radio, one radio documentary series and another a serial  on Jammu & Kashmir were complete recently. We undertook production of a training film for MoSPI under 6th Economic Census. We have also managed awareness event and its film presentation for AG Enviro, the SVC for MCD on waste collection in Sadar & Paharganj area of Delhi. . In 2011, the company has started an education magazine by the name of CURRICULUM.

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