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Decentralize school re-opening and closures to a granular level: Boston Consulting Group-Teach for India recommendation

A global comparison of school status  of India versus other countries since Covid hit, reveals that while schools were mostly shut in 2020 (first half), many countries kept schools largely open through subsequent waves. For instance in 2021, many countries had schools operational in-person for large parts of the year (including Japan, South Africa, US, UK, Portugal). This is despite …

Back to school: Teachers will need to master ways of unraveling the pandemic transition

Evolution does not occur linearly – it occurs in spurts, some dramatically and some quietly. Schools have to open sooner than later and getting back to earlier normal will pass through a transition period as students may have acquired different routines during long period of ‘study from home’. Shefali Tewary, Head of School at Elpro International School, a Cambridge International …

Expert suggestions on ‘Reopening’ of schools made to the MHRD

‘Offline-Online learning, alternate day school, social distancing guidelines, non-contact games and tie-up with local hospitals advised to schools’ Mumbai-headquartered school education processes solution company, Lead School, which also owns six schools,  has come up with a handbook on opening of schools and a copy of the same has been submitted to the union ministry of  Human Resource Development.  In its …

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