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Reskilling over hiring new is the overwhelming majority view of business leaders: upGrad – FICCI’s whitepaper

upGrad, online education company in association with FICCI has brought out a whitepaper on the “High-Impact Online Learning at Scale” wherein 87% respondents opine that reskilling is preferred over hiring anew. That reskilling existing employees is always more economical than hiring new ones was  something respondents of upGrad’s 2020 industry-leading survey of Learning & Development (L&D) and business leaders agreed in large …

IIDE conducts Webinars for Teachers & Principals on EdTech

Given that the Indian teaching industry is certain that all courses have to be shifted online for the coming academic year (June 2020); there is an unprecedented need to digitize. For this very reason, The Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) brought 340 principals and approximately 2500 teachers of Mumbai’s colleges live online together few days ago.  The webinars covered the …

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