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Coronavirus and takeaways for Indian Education sector

By Dr. R L Raina, Vice Chancellor, JK Lakshmipat University (Jaipur) Within a matter of a few months, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the education landscape across the world. These modifications, which we never thought would be implemented so soon, until such a huge global health crisis, presented a roadmap on how education could change for the better – and …

Missing Saliency of Education issue

Contrary to a lot of expectation that education as an electoral issue will figure prominently in the ongoing election for the 17th Lok Sabha that began on April 11,  this issue hasn’t as usual received much attention in campaigning and election speeches, even though it does find a customary presence in manifestoes of almost every political party having released manifesto. …

The Prakash Effect: Hope

On July 5, the affable bearded Prakash Javadekar, was promoted to the cabinet rank and handedover the ministry of HRD. His appointment was by and large welcomed by all and he did well to acknowledge the national importance of education above politics. Comparatively degree-wise better qualified than his predecessor, Smriti Irani, who moved to textiles, Javadekar brings to the table …

NIT Srinagar imbroglio

In several education institutions across India, Campus life is getting agitated. While enough has been said about JNU and Hyderabad Central University, NIT Srinagar is the latest to hit the headlines. That a petty incident could snowball into such a big controversy isn’t unexpected if it is Kashmir. Ever since time the legendary Kashmiri leader, Sheikh Mohd Abdullah, changed his …

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