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Red Bull Rubik’s Cube world championship India qualifiers; on March 24 in Kolkata and on March 31 in Delhi

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Seminar Hall, Meghnath Saha Institute of Technology, Uchhepota, Kolkata, will play host to Kolkata Qualifier of Red Bull Rubik’s Cube world championship’s first India qualifier on March 24 from 9 am to 6 pm. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi will host the Delhi qualifier on March 31 again from 9 am to 6 pm.
Detail seen during the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship demonstration in Fuschl, Austria on October 14th, 2017.

India is one of the 15 countries for the inaugural Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship finals to be held in Boston, USA on 22 September 2018 in an event designed to challenge the most accomplished cube solvers in one of the most exhilarating emerging sports.

Qualifying events are taking place in Austria, Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine and the USA.Registration for the regional qualifier events started in January 2018, online at www.redbullmindgamers.com/rubi ks. Anyone above the age of 16 can participate.

The 2018 Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship introduces three new game modes – ‘Speed Cubing’, a straight best of five head to head competition, ‘Fastest Hand’ in which competitors must solve the Cube one-handed, and ‘Re-Scramble’, a straight head-to-head race to solve a single scramble. Designed in conjunction with the speed-cubing community, participants will face one another in a series of one vsone knockout rounds, to find out who is the fastest Cube solver in a never-before-seen competition.

The competition and the three main game modes are open to persons of any gender, and, in addition, there will be a women-only mode. Female cubers can choose if they want to participate in the women-only track, in the mixed track or both. India will send participants (1 in each category) for the world finals in 4 categories: ‘Speedcubing mixed’, ‘Speedcubing women’, ‘Fastest Hand’ and ‘Re-Scramble’.

The Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship is part of Red Bull Mind Gamers, which hosts global competitive tournaments to give the greatest Mind Gamers the opportunity to show their skills worldwide in a range of problem-solving scenarios, across a variety of disciplines, everything from Escape Rooms to Rubik’s Cube Speed Solving.

The Rubik’s Cube was invented by the Hungarian Professor Ernő Rubik in 1974 and has since become the best-selling puzzle in the world. While there are more than 43 quintillion ways to scramble The Rubik’s Cube, every ‘scramble’ can be solved in 20 moves or fewer. While it took Professor Rubik a month to solve his first cube, since the 1970s puzzle fans around the world have competed to solve the puzzle the fastest. The first world championship was held in 1982 with a winning solve time of 22.95 seconds. Today the world record is 4.59 seconds and is held by SeungBeom Cho, a South Korean speedcuber.

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