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Save JNU for the sake of nationalism and Internationalism

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JAWARHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY OR JNU (ESB 1969 as a public central university by an Act of Parliament) is in the eye of political storm and if the storm is not mitigated, it can potentially spread to campuses across India. JNU has been the hotspot of student activism and traditionally left-wing ideology has held a sway here, a reason BJP politicians say the university is the last swatch of communist ideology in India. The kneejerk reaction of Delhi Police to anti-national sloganeering at an event on university campus has lunged oxygen to student activism and the fire is stoked by people from both the extremes (right and left). And neither will cede space. Left-wing affiliates will breathe in it and make every effort to come to life.
While exemplary action is needed to deter any fringe group from raising anti-national voices at the campus after the recent incident, due care has to be taken to tackle the situation politically rather than leaving it to law enforcement agencies. Country’s intelligence people need to be more proactive and help in weeding out anti-national elements from the campus. As a silver lining, the intense focus has brought out the rot in the open and also highlighted issues that need attention. Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations prepared after so much deliberations were successfully over ruled by JNU student activists vis-a-vis age bar. People this time have raised voice about subsidized education, however, more systemic look would be needed to find if in the garb of students activists or sympathizers loiter around in JNU for long.
This incident has certainly provided an opportunity to standardize rules, entitlements and regulations for campus stay. Government must appoint some committee to look into allegations that people overstay or remain students on record just to stay.
Student activism and left-wing politics apart, JNU remains a showpiece university for India both in terms of academic research and contribution to intellectual capital. It is one of the few institutions where fundamental research is taking place and is helping in shaping high caliber faculty. It has established a culture of its own and has significant international linkages. It is also a big symbol of national unity and a hub of national diversity of several hues from people to ideas and ideologies. For aspiring youth in the hinterlands, it has been a dreamland of realizing dreams and aspirations and it should continue to be so.
The Government’s task is cut out, revisit issues that have been conveniently overlooked about higher education in general and JNU in particular because of the political clout or suits somebody at some given point of time. Remember, universities have huge importance and impact as harbingers of revolutions, innovations and change. And, let JNU reform be a model for other institutions to follow.

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