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Through ‘Mind Power Technology’ success guaranteed: Emerging Brilliance Workshops

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Born and brought up in India, Amandeep Thind, who for the past eight years lives in United Kingdom is founder and lead trainer of UK-based Emerging Brilliance (esb 2009), a company that specializes in coaching for success (corporate training). A salesman by profession, he was educated at Bhartiya Shiksha Parishad, Lucknow and by his own admission spent his formative years in poverty. And then life changed for him as he went to UK and did a course on life coaching from Cambridge University. In 2013, he set up base for Emerging Brilliance in India. He talked to Curriculum Magazine on his work and mission. Amandeep Thind_International Speaker & Founder_Emerging Brilliance

 Q1. In this part of world Shiv Khera did make an impact, but it didn’t open up opportunities for motivational speaking as a serious or widespread activity. Will you define for us, what exactly you offer? And of course, who are people that can benefit?

AT: Emerging Brilliance is a business and personal development training company based in the United Kingdom and launched last year December in the 3 key metro cities of India –New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.  We use MET training techniques (Mind Empowering Technology) in our workshop that enables people to tap into their own unique Brilliance in different aspects of their life like career, business, relationship, healthand well-being. MET trains people in an experiential environment – ‘learning by doing’. Our workshops are not confined to just sitting in your chairs and taking notes. It’s about getting fully immersed into the learning process and making the learning process complete fun. We call it “edutainment” which involves music, exercise, games, props, costumes, simulations and more so that participants can retain maximum learning’s from the room into their real life.

Our workshop is designed for anyone who wants to move ahead in career, business or life. In the past, many students, CA aspirants, film and media experts, entrepreneurs and even corporates have participated in our workshops.

 Q2. Before we expand a bit, please tell us something about your India connection, your background and how did you chose to be a speaker? Also what recognitions have you got?

AT: I was born and brought up in Kolkata and then lived in Punjab for few years. I grew up in a one room house in the suburbs of Kolkata near Dum Dum airport. My childhood was spent in extreme poverty with my parents being illiterate and my dad driving a taxi to fetch a living for his family. My bigger challenges apart from finances was getting bullied and abused by my peer group for being a slow dark skin fat boy and also being discriminated for being a mixed child as my parents belonged to different communities. I always discarded and rejected my communal identity to be perceived as a complete pure human being. I grew up thinking there is something wrong with me.

Talking about my present, it was not an easy task for me to get up on big stages of London and then create a business which will go global. However, there is always a life changing moment in everybody’s life; the ones who decide and commit to their life mission, they start achieving their dreams. It was my circumstances that made me who I am today and my passion is to share the learnings with the ones who want to grow in their life.

By organizing workshops in India, I want to give back and also stay connected with my motherland. To me, this is one of the biggest awards. I feel gratified to contribute in the growth of people’s life.

 Q3. Now how did Emerging Brilliance happen?

AT: I was attending a Business Workshop in 2011 in London and that’s where this name came up for me once I decided to run my own training company the same year. I resonate with this name as that’s what my life has been. Every skill is learnable in life so is being rich too and we intend to provide a platform to all those who are looking for that support and mentorship. My life changed for good by being around people like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Clinton Swaine, Sidra Jafri and I can go on. As they say,“Environment is greater than will” and I endeavour to create an empowering environment for each and every individual around the globe, especially India to have that support to achieve its dreams.

 Q4. In terms of courses and lectures, could be specific on India. What is mode? How can one approach you? And an idea about pricing.

AT: These workshops are designed to bring human transformation on many different levels from personal growth to career growth to business growth. Our dynamic experiential based training workshops are designed to bring results for individuals and workforce.

As I am born and brought up in India and then had the opportunity to be in the UK for 8 years, so I bring the International standards with Indian touch to it. Our fun approach to learning brings huge impact for people in their life in all aspects. We offer contemporary result-oriented workshops that enable participants to access insights and learnings bought over from world-renowned speakers and business coaches to help them succeed in career and life both in domestic and international markets.

Our contact details are on the website and anybody and everybody can come to us. In terms of pricing, our workshops are reasonable so we can reach the masses.

 Q5. You will be coming to India this month, what is the nature of engagement. Will we see you coming often?

AT: Following the successful launch, we are back to India with our workshop and look forward to having more such programs. In fact we are bringing are ‘Train the Trainer’ programme sometime this year to India. My plan in the future is to run workshops in every city of India and keep coming back on a monthly basis.

 Q6. What would you tell the student community both in terms of your service and how some of them can get into coaching as career given the fact you say we need lots of them.

AT: India is a growing economy and the Indian corporate training market needs some really good quality trainers in both corporate and personal arena who can deliver massive value for the clients.  If you are passionate about learning and being with people; you are in. However, an in depth knowledge and expertise of at least one domain is crucial plus you need to stay in constant and never ending improvement space as a trainer. People skill, being fully present, spontaneous responses, good amount of sense of humour and a knack for engaging and interacting with audience in a large group are some of the other pre-requisite qualities that a good trainer must learn. Biggest I think you need a heart to connect with people and feel immense pleasure seeing people grow.

 Q7. Lastly, do you have any plans for institutions, schools or training academies in India? 

AT:We are committed to providing world-class exposure and access to international speakers and coaches to the participants who would share insights and experiences from their fields. With the successful launch and response; we endeavour to cover more cities across the length and breadth of the country. Having said that, we plan to take one step at a time.


My vision is to create this amazing ‘Learning space’ in the heart of nature somewhere in the mountains so that participants can get fully immersed to change their life.


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