Home Higher Education Woxsen University marks the inauguration of Kiran Bedi Hall by her lecture on ‘Women in Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Glass Ceilings’

Woxsen University marks the inauguration of Kiran Bedi Hall by her lecture on ‘Women in Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Glass Ceilings’

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Woxsen University hosted Dr. Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS Officer and former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, at the special edition of The Future You Talks at their campus in Hyderabad on May 6. The event also marked the inauguration of the Kiran Bedi Hall at the University.

During her keynote speech on ‘Women in Leadership: Breaking Barriers and Glass Ceilings.‘ Dr. Bedi said that in the past, people had to move to where the jobs were. Now, jobs are coming to where people are. “This shift demands that you maintain yourself, study diligently, and constantly aim higher.  Strive to rise above personal good to contribute towards the greater good,” she added. Addressing the challenges of women in leadership roles, she emphasized that women have 3 unique challenges – namely marriage, motherhood, and mothering, “it’s crucial to be prepared to face these challenges while maintaining your individuality.”

Her empowering words resonated with the audience, sparking conversations on the role of women in shaping a progressive society. “Real change will occur when powerful women become less of an exception. This is why I challenge myself daily to step out of my comfort zone and not be an exception. It’s heartening to recall that when I joined the Police Academy in 1975, I was the only woman among over 80 men in the batch. Today, one-third of the batches consist of women, which is why I frequently visit the National Police Academy in Hyderabad,” she said.  “Remember to self-police the traffic jam in your mind. You don’t need a uniform for that!”

Appreciating Woxsen University and its Campus she mentioned “Woxsen is indeed such a world-class university and in just ten years the university has transformed itself with such a great learning facility, I will encourage the students to embody your Chancellor’s mantra of giving back to society.”

A fireside chat with Dr. Bedi provided an intimate platform for discussing the nuances of leadership and the impact of societal contributions. The session was followed by the conferment of “The Woxsen Award for Timeless Societal Contributions” to Dr. Bedi, in recognition of her enduring impact on society.

When asked about her prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award, Dr. Bedi took pride in sharing that she was honored not for combating terrorism, but for empathetic, accessible, responsible, problem-solving, and creative policing focused on crime prevention. “This aligns with my belief in the power of prevention” she stated.

Talking about setbacks, Dr. Bedi didn’t mince in accepting significant one when she was overlooked for the position of Police Commissioner of Delhi, despite her records, qualifications and seniority. A junior by two years was appointed instead. “This setback was a reflection of those at the helm prioritizing personal gain over the greater good. However, facing this challenge opened many more doors for me after I took voluntary retirement. The key is to believe in yourself and focus on the legacy you want to leave behind.”

Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez, Vice President of Woxsen University, thanking the special guest in his comments said, “We are committed to empowering the women community. Out of our 7 schools, 3 are led by accomplished women, reflecting our dedication to gender diversity and equality. We are proud to maintain a 50-50 ratio of male and female students, fostering an inclusive learning environment. Furthermore, we are deeply invested in supporting rural communities, having successfully generated employment opportunities for them. Our impactful ‘Woxsen Elevate Program’ runs for almost 4 months annually and provides training to 600-800 children on average every weekend. The overwhelming response from the children, who willingly volunteer for these programs, demonstrates their appreciation for the invaluable learning opportunities we provide. Our overarching goal is to give back to society in every way possible.”

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