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Post-covid, enrolment in Govt Schools likely to go up as a large number of private budget schools may wind up

The big picture emerging from lockdown and Covid pandemic about schools is early signs of several patterns that will potentially lead to a mega upheaval in the school sector in the immediate future. For those, who were reporting a popular trend about galloping expansion of private schools to even the remotest villages of country, may see a rapid reverse in …

RTE Activists & Experts call for prudent measures to ensure education for all children in Covid19 pandemic

Imagine this. India slipping in the ranking behind Somalia and other sub-Saharan African countries in provision of education to its children, and then wishing at least to catch up with them! The Covid19 pandemic has exposed India’s stark and naked massive poverty on streets and the present crisis is likely to set back the county’s progress made in the universalization …

‘We the Children’: Children Parliament seeks inclusive India and all rights

PRATYeK, a children rights advocacy NGO based in Delhi, also the convening organisation for the NINEISMINE campaign on Feb 3, held its 3rd annual National Inclusive Children’s Parliament where 75 children from 29 states and UT’s from the age of 11 and above, speaking more than 23 different languages, came under one roof to be part of this event and …

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