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Seven Key Challenges, Modi’s Skill Ministry must tackle

  FIRSTLY, NONE OF THE 31 SECTOR SKILL councils constituted and funded on public exchequer have any accountability for placing students or ensuring apprenticeship. The number of students placed by them in the last 3 years is at best abysmal. To correct the situation, a modification in the skill policy is needed so that SSC can be made responsible for …

Paid Awards dissuade talent, innovations

A TREND OF RECENT YEARS THAT HAS GOT currency and become commonplace in education India (now well taken over by private sector in all segments), is inception of various kinds of awards and giving them away in events sponsored directly or indirectly by those getting these awards. The plaque, trophy and photo click then becomes a big statement of achievement …

Providing separate toilets for boys & girls in a year may be a tall promise, but a worthy one

PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI IN HIS maiden Independence Day speech or ‘toilet speech’ promised separate toilets for boys and girls in all schools in a year. The promised announcement is indeed welcome. According to Unicef, “A survey among school children in India revealed that about half of the ailments found are related to unsanitary conditions and lack of personal hygiene. …

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