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What about a university by Kashmiri Pandits?

AT A RECENT EVENT IN DELHI, THE VICE-chancellor of central university Jammu, Prof Ashok Aima, who for a long period headed the department of business studies at Jammu University prior to his current appointment, made a proposal to Kashmir Pandits in ‘exile’ to set up a university for their boys and girls. Prof Aima had good enough reasons to say …

Editorial: Right to education in Jammu & Kashmir shouldn’t be politicized

IN LIGHT OF  THE EMPHATIC WIN BY THE BJP-LED National Democratic Alliance (NDA),  one issue that is going to vex public discourse either way is Article 370 of the Indian constitution,  which determines relationship of Jammu & Kashmir with the Indian union. On one side there are those who have been fed on the thought that two constitutions shouldn’t exist …

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