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Swachh Bharat remains a capacity challenge

The World Environment Day on June 5 was marked and celebrated in India much like the rest of the world with school children/youth and other groups including local government bodies and environmentalists organizing various customary awareness generation activities, dedications, plantation drives etc.  India on October 2, 2014 has embarked on a cleanliness campaign popular known as Swachh Bharat with the …

Educational values badly hit in Kashmir

Education has a cultural value in Kashmiri society. The modern education became rapidly acceptable in 20th century in the valley and before that the state has been an acknowledged seat of spiritual and scientific knowledge over a long period of time in medieval period and thereafter. There is evidence to corroborate existence of a famous learning centre at Sharda Peeth …

Govt’s lackadaisical education approach

When Prakash Javadekar took charge of country’s human resource development (read education) ministry in July 2016, there was a general consensus among opinion leaders if not celebration that India’s education is in safe and detectors hands. The delay in announcement of the New Education Policy was seen an attempt by him to broaden its consultation in the first place bureaucratically …

New Activism by CBSE to regulate better

Ever since the new chairman R K Chaturvedi took over office on July 26, CBSE or the central board of secondary education, the pan India secondary education board with over 17,500 affiliated schools, has suddenly come to ‘regulatory’ life. One after another,  CBSE has started to revisit regulatory issues in the last couple of months. It began by issuing an …

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