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Screen time in the age of online classes is an issue, but experts feel the hysteria is unnecessary

According to a leading expert in the field of cognitive neuroscience from Harvard, what matters in screen time is the content that is consumed and the context of it that affects one’s well-being. It is also imperative to make a distinction between productive and unproductive screen time. Screen time where an adult is on the other side engaging children in …

‘Android Apps targeting Children are not Privacy Friendly’ in India

Children’s Apps are not Privacy-friendly and do not adhere to many basic Privacy Principles &Practices says a study done by ArrkaInfosec Pvt. Ltd (Arrka), a niche player specializing in Data Privacy & Info Security.. It was also concluded that factors like lack of consent, excessive permissions and needless privacy-intrusive features like in-App ads and in-App purchase options are some of …

Internet is getting dirtier, Children still need to play

On June 28, UNESCO’s New Delhi office hosted a day-long conference on issues of online child safety. More than anything else, Internet-stuck children of this digital age, require empowerment and entitlement of digital citizens, was the central message of the conference titled, ‘OMG! Promoting Child Safety Online, Empowering Future Digital Citizens’. A report:   By 2020, India will have a …

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