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Sound of Infinity based on Nada Yoga by Dr Anju Sharma is a novelty in wellness

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At the 2nd edition of National Wellbeing Summit organized by Shobhit University in Delhi on Feb 29, “Sound of Infinity”, a musical healing band founded by Dr Anju Sharma received a lot of traction. Dr Sharma is a psychiatrist, sound & energy master, wellness-holistic coach and speaker.

At the conference, she showed a glimpse of how the vibration can affect the body. She spoke about Nada yoga and its four stages. Nada Yoga is all about sounds. It is the knowledge of the quality of sounds and the way they affect people. Going further she discussed the four stages of Nada Yoga and how these stages affect the four layers of the brain in our body. She presented the vibrational music in which she depicted four elements water, earth, fire and space. During the summit, she also discussed the concept of Nada Brahma which means that the whole universe was created from the energy of sound. In fact, the philosophies of Indian Classical Music has originated from the theory of Nada Brahma.

Dr Anju Sharma said, “The wellness industry in India is one of the fastest emerging sectors across the globe. There is tremendous scope as this sector is not limited to elite people or certain brands. People from various countries are visiting India due to its wellness industry and hence our hospitality and tourism sector is also booming.”

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