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Sound of Infinity based on Nada Yoga by Dr Anju Sharma is a novelty in wellness

At the 2nd edition of National Wellbeing Summit organized by Shobhit University in Delhi on Feb 29, “Sound of Infinity”, a musical healing band founded by Dr Anju Sharma received a lot of traction. Dr Sharma is a psychiatrist, sound & energy master, wellness-holistic coach and speaker. At the conference, she showed a glimpse of how the vibration can affect …

‘Dances, music teachers ignored by schools’

Celebrated Bharatanatyam dancer and dance education proponent, Geeta Chandran makes no bones about the lack of understanding on dance and music education by the school community in the country.  According to her dance is not only a decorative art but an important tool of communication. “Dance is music, literature, yoga and poetry packaged in one and I feel appalled when people …

BloodConnect celebrates the ‘Screams of Joy’

BloodConnect, a Delhi-based non-profit youth initiative (NGO), which works with a mission ‘to solve the problem of blood shortage in India’ celebrated its fourth anniversary on August 9 with a rock concert. Renowned music band Parikrama, which performed on the occasion left an estimated 1500 students of Delhi University and colleges enthralled. This year, BloodConnect, an organisation which was launched …

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