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Healthy Peace: Mindfulness, attention, goodness—all lead to better learning and longevity of life

Training of mind for well-being is quite possible. Neuro-scientists are now sure that there is a bidirectional communication between mind and body. In other terms, it means healthy mind has a direct bearing on a healthy body. While Indian meditation and yogic sciences may have long advocated this, a confirmation from modern scientific studies paves the way for more understanding …

I-Day SPECIAL: Ancient ‘Gurukul’ practices in schools coming of age

A  Silent Movement of mainstreaming ancient and beneficial yogic sciences is building up slowly in India   Government schools in Delhi are experiencing a ‘Happiness Curriculum’ from July 12th this year and what is important, the 50,000 teachers, who otherwise always give a cold shoulder to additional work or change, aren’t complaining about it. In a sense, it is giving …

‘Great depression’ in campuses :Emotional health of young adults ‘Depressive’

 Study finds an overwhelming trend of high proportionate alarming presence of depression, anxiety, self-harm & suicide, drug abuse and tobacco consumption, sleep disorders, lack of self-confidence, and difficulty in handling inter-personal relations among college students. October 10 was the World Mental Health Day and we reproduce some of the findings  A SURVEY ON “EMOTIONAL health and Psychological well-being” conducted by …

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