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2018 YEAR END SPECIAL: Revised CBSE Affiliation Bye Laws—a  well intentioned utopian reform   

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) after a gap of six years, in October  issued revised new affiliation bye-laws for its affiliated and aspirant schools in the hope that the cumbersome process before and after affiliation becomes affable. The revision of these affiliation bye laws (first notified in 1988 and revisited in 2012) had been ordered by the union …

Schools need to be proactive in Safety and Security issues: Experts

The recent hullaballoo over lax and/or neglected school safety and security regulations after a couple of on-campus incidents created widespread public outrage, is giving anxious and scary time to all school managements and school leaders particular those of private schools in India. And, not without valid reasons!  For instance, Haryana didn’t had any guidelines for schools before the September 8 …

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