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‘Judge me by my work’ : SMRITI ZUBIN IRANI, India’s new education minister

A Rising tide of  EXPECTATIONS & ‘OVER DRIVES’ Expect the new HRD minister, Smriti Irani to initiate several reform measures and go into an overdrive on the education front especially after her, “I will humbly request all of you that judge be my work” comment on her ministerial debut marred by controversy over her educational qualification.  The first big ticket …

Feature: Education & Skill Development Agenda for the New Govt

Following the successful elections of the 16th Lok Sabha, a new government assumes office in New Delhi. Quite obviously, the new dispensation that will surely adopt a fresh approach at tackling the challenges before the country, has raised public expectations for good governance. As part of our continued focus on the neglected reforms in education & skills education since beginning …

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