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Brig. SS Pabla appointed chairman All India Board for Vocational Education

Dr Brig. SS Pabla, Pro Chancellor of BSDU, Jaipur has been appointed as the new Chairman of the All India Board for Vocational Education for three years w.e.f 3rd January 2020. A mechanical engineer with M.Tech and Ph.D from IIT Bombay, with large experience in multiple infrastructure projects, academics and academic administration, Dr. Pabla has served previously as vice chancellor to five …

BSDU: Changing narrative in favor of a skilled society

Your neighborhood carpenter, plumber, car mechanic and other technicians won’t look the same ordinary fellows any more in coming years. They will sound more like engineers, proficient problem solvers and businesslike educated guys. Chances are, you will confront a Ph D carpenter, who will change your worldview completely about skilled human capital. On the outskirts of Jaipur in the Mahindra …

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